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Creating Cleaner, Healthier Spaces Since 1964.

Since 1964, Killis has been at the forefront of bringing the latest advances in equipment and supplies to the cleaning industry. Our customers continually seek more effective ways to clean, save time and money and make cleaning more enjoyable for their operatives. As such, we source products from across the globe to help our customers achieve their cleaning goals. 

We have amassed an enormous wealth of knowledge over our 60-year history, allowing us to selectively choose brands we know will solve your cleaning problems. There’s no floor we haven’t been able to clean and no cleaning challenge we haven’t overcome. 

We’re very proud to have a complement of over 60 staff based throughout the UK. Engineers, drivers, customer service, warehousing, service, sales, and many more work tirelessly to keep pushing Killis forward—to grow as a company and to reach our vision of becoming the biggest and most trusted supplier of exceptional cleaning products and equipment.

What's Going on at Killis

Killis has been in the cleaning industry for nearly 60 years, and in that time, we've amassed a huge amount of knowledge and experience.  Here, we like to share this knowledge through interesting articles, cleaning tips and the latest Killis news.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories

We are very proud to support and serve some of the biggest organisations in the UK with their cleaning requirements. Our customer stories show how we have helped inspire others to keep clean, healthy spaces.

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