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Working in Partnership with Travelodge: Our Biggest Rollout Ever

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Travelodge came to us with a very clear vision of improving sustainability across all 579 of their hotels. Working in close partnership to understand their needs at the height of the pandemic in June 2020 threw up its challenges. Still, we were able to support their vision through the installation of our chemical-free Tersano SAO units into all their sites.

We had also been in talks with Travelodge since 2019 regarding robotics. Together we wanted to create the ideal robot for the hospitality sector—previous robotic trials had not stood up to real-world scrutiny, with five other robotic vacuums not being up to the task.

Then as the pandemic and Brexit hit the industry hard, massive staff shortages came. Travelodge was keen to embrace robotics to ease these shortages to maintain their high standards. As you can imagine vacuuming is a very labour-intensive task, and they wanted to reclaim this time so their operatives could focus on other areas of cleaning.

The robotics rollout to all 579 of their hotels was carried out between July and September 2021; as it stands, this is Killis largest mobilisation of cleaning equipment in the company's history.

Finally, it's been an absolute pleasure working with Travelodge, we will continue to support them with ongoing service, and we can't wait for the next challenge they bring.


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