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Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards: i-vac Cobotic & Base

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

We're entered into the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards 2022, we have three entries in total and here we look at the i-Vac Cobotic and Base. A flexible and forward-thinking approach to vacuuming. To vote for this entry, please click the link at the bottom of this article.

Vacuuming is a labour-intensive task but a necessity in all commercial spaces. With the i-vac Cobotic 1700, cleaning operatives are free to do more. Valuable resources to be re-deployed to other areas, such as cleaning high touch point areas.

The super powerful digital 2700Pa motor easily removes dust and dirt from all hard floor surfaces and pulls debris deep within carpeting. It is also equipped with a 5200mAh Lithium-Ion battery, providing an impressive working time of up to 150 minutes.

The i-vac can locate the placement of objects around complex environments, and anti-collision sensors monitor the environment to report potential obstacles. ​It can navigate heights of up to 2 cm—much higher than other vacuums.

On-board sensors know when the battery is low, and i-vac will return to the dock for intuitive charging and resume cleaning until the job is complete. When used with Base, the robot will return to be placed back by an operative.

Cobot is controlled through the app. It builds a map as it cleans, showing any obstacles and the cleaning path. Define cleaning zones, exclude areas, re-dock at a touch, see active time, area covered and battery level at a glance. View historic cleaning records: Day, week, month, year and adjust suction as needed.

Base is the perfect way to keep your robots charged and ready to work, it holds and charges six robots simultaneously, keeping them neatly stored and protected within one single unit. Base is portable and easily transported from location to location, allowing you to store and charge your robots wherever you need. Base is designed and made in the UK, with a pending patent application for its unique execution.

Commercial environments such as the hospitality sector, education facilities and offices can hugely benefit from i-vac Cobotic and Base. Together they maintain consistent, high cleaning standards, cleaning efficiency, and improve staff wellbeing.


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