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Cleaning for a Sustainable Future


Choosing the right brands for more effective and sustainable cleaning



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Sustainability, What Does This Mean for the Cleaning Industry?

Sustainability. That is the latest buzzword. We hear that we need to be more responsible as a business or individual over our actions and how we treat the planet. But how can we, in the cleaning industry, turn sustainability from a buzzword into real-world action?

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northshore by northwood

Every year, Northwood recycles thousands of tonnes of office waste, preventing it from going to landfills and helping to preserve acres of forest
  • High capacity dispensers are designed to use 100% of the roll, reducing waste, janitorial visits and maintenance.

  • Drain friendly recycled paper pulps in 9 seconds, lowering blockages 

  • Made from 100% recycled material

  • Manufactured in the UK

Sustainable brands


Tersano keeps millions of litres of cleaning chemicals out of our lakes, rivers and waterways and is 10 x more effective than bleach
  • Chemical-free cleaning

  • Zero plastic bottles to landfill

  • No VOC’s 

  • Safe for asthma and eczema sufferers

  • Less than 8p per litre

  • Easy staff training

  • Accredited to BS EN13697 


Soap2o's innovative dissolvable soap sachets save space over regular hand soap, reducing transport costs by up to 90% 
  • Eliminates single-use plastics

  • No animal testing and vegan friendly

  • Reduces transport costs and emissions 

  • Reduces weight

  • Reduces storage space

  • Is made entirely from biodegradable materials 

  • The worlds most sustainable hand soap


Cleaning with friendly micro-organisms is the next step towards sustainable cleaning. Greenspeed's probiotic cleaning agents ensure optimal, sustainable cleaning.
  • Probio uses friendly bacteria to remove organic contamination

  • Enzymes break down microscopic dirt into tiny particles

  • Probiotics absorb the tiny particles and digest them as food

  • They are then released back into the environment actively contributing to water purification

  • Extremely suitable for cleaning grout, limescale and fats

  • EU Ecolabel & Cradle to Cradle certified™ Gold

To talk with our sustainability rep today, call 07845 259 665

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