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Meet Chris Burdon, Dealer Sales Manager

Who are you and what is your job title?

I'm Chris Burdon, Dealer Sales Manager at Killis.

What do you do in the company?

I manage and support our dealers & supplier network.

What does your job as a dealer entail?

I look after all Killis dealers and support them with machine specs, technical advice, demonstrations, and an array of other related queries. I generally build good working relationships with the knowledge and work ethic I can pass on.

What cleaning problem do you see often in the cleaning industry and how do you help combat the issue?

One of the biggest issues can be a lack of training for the end user. I'm big on making sure the end user is fully trained on the equipment to make sure that they are getting the best out of the product, as well as making sure the company investing the money into the machines are getting their worth.

A common thing I see frequently is machines being thrown in cupboards as the users don't know how to use them or haven't been past enough information on how to use them correctly to see the benefits. I always make sure that plenty of time is spent with the user to make sure they are happy with the product they are using, and I generally call back within a week or two to make sure they are confident enough.

What specific knowledge do you bring to customers and how does this benefit them?

Having been in the industry for 11 years now, I have worked in service and sales, so I fully understand both needs of the clients. With this experience, I have been able to advise customers in more detail, which has led to me having good, solid working relationships where the client fully trusts my advice.

Tell me a time where your job has helped a specific customer or sector?

This could be one of many, but recently, I was able to sell a LionsBot REX CS to a customer based on my knowledge and experience and show that the REX would be most suited to the site. The site was struggling with labour hours to get everything done. So, using the REX, the site cleaning operatives were able to clean the intricate/detailed areas while the REX was cleaning the larger open areas, resulting in cleaner areas all around the site.

If you would like to be part of Killis' dealer network, please get in touch with Chris Burdon at


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