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Meet David Farmer, Account Manager

Who are you and what is your job title?

I'm David Farmer, National Account Manager at Killis.

What do you do in the company?

I work in the sales department covering a portfolio of national accounts.

What environments do you mainly work in and advise for? (for example hospitals, schools, warehouses etc)

I work mainly with retail and Facilities Management companies.

What is the most challenging cleaning problem you have come across and how did you solve it?

I was asked to recommend equipment to clean walkways around an industrial homogeniser for a national company. The floor was covered in powder about 5mm deep.

We brought in our supply partners from Tomcat as the application needed something heavy-duty and robust. We demonstrated the Tomcat EX37, which worked extremely well and cleaned the floor to a higher standard than the client expected.

Since joining Killis, this has been the most challenging cleaning problem I have encountered. It's great to know we have the ability to find the right solution for the customer instead of being stuck with just one brand.

What specific knowledge do you bring to customers and how does this benefit them?

I have 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry; however, I'm always learning. I have specialised mainly in floorcare and used to sell diamond pads for a living a few years ago, so I have a good understanding of different types of diamond floor pads and how they can be used to upgrade different floor types.

Tell me a time where your job has helped a specific customer or sector.

In conjunction with i-team, we trialled the i-matt with a retail client who has had multiple problems with slips, trips and falls in certain areas of the store entrance. Since testing the i-matt, we significantly reduced the slip problems for this store. The i-matt performed as expected by capturing water and dispersing it throughout the fibres within the matt to avoid pooling and collecting moisture. They also have an i-mop on site, which can be used to clean the i-matt.

If you have any cleaning questions or are looking for advice or equipment, please feel free to contact David Farmer at


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