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Meet Lee Armitage, Account Manager

Who are you, and what is your job title?

I'm Lee Armitage, and I'm a Key Account Manager at Killis.

What do you do in the company?

I look after many National Accounts, helping with deployments and mobilisations and ensuring all equipment is compliant for each account.

What environments do you mainly work in and advise for? (for example, hospitals, schools, warehouses etc)

I mainly work with Facility Management, so the sites vary from education and leisure to banking and healthcare.

What is the most challenging cleaning problem you have come across and how did you solve it?

A few months ago, I helped with odour control problems within a care home group we supply, which was coming from a particular resident's room. This was causing further issues throughout the care home. We worked with them to overcome the problem using a mixture of machines and an enzyme-based cleaning solution, which not only got to the route of the problem but also stopped the problem from coming back.

What specific knowledge do you bring to customers and how does this benefit them?

I have extensive knowledge of most floor coverings, which allows me to recommend the best equipment or machine to clean effectively.

Tell me a time where your job has helped a specific customer or sector?

I have been working with a large Facility Management company for four years now. I often present to their client to show the innovation and sustainability benefits of the equipment they purchase from Killis. This really helps this customer connect with the client and explain why they buy certain equipment.

If you have any cleaning problems, want some advice or cleaning equipment, contact Lee Armitage at


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