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Meet Lucy Whitehouse, Janitorial Sales Manager.

Who are you and what is your job title?

My name is Lucy Whitehouse, and I'm the Janitorial Sales Manager at Killis.

What do you do in the company?

I'm responsible for growing Janitorial sales and promoting sustainable cleaning solutions. I educate new and old customers on cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions they can introduce into their cleaning regimes. I'm the sustainability ambassador within our company and strive to promote sustainable products.

What environments do you mainly work in and advise for? (for example, hospitals, schools, warehouses etc)

I have a large proportion of customers from the education sector, but I also focus on local businesses within the Sheffield area and provide cleaning solutions to them- they can range from local charities, restaurants, schools, playgroups, football clubs, trusts, gyms and many more. As well as this, I have larger national accounts and Facilities Management companies which are UK-wide.

What is the most challenging cleaning problem you have come across and how did you solve it?

The most challenging cleaning problem I have encountered was a specific gym floor type for a customer who had tried everything to clean it. In the end, the Excentr worked amazing on it with some microfibre pads.

What specific knowledge do you bring to customers and how does this benefit them?

Being the sustainability ambassador, I advise customers on how they can contribute towards their net zero plans through simple changes to their cleaning products and regimes.

Tell me a time where your job has helped a specific customer or sector.

This is hard to pinpoint as every day I help customers reach their sustainability goals and gain eco-accreditations by switching their current cleaning chemicals and products to our eco-friendly alternatives and chemical-free cleaning solutions.

If you have any cleaning problems, want some advice or cleaning equipment, please contact Lucy Whitehouse at



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