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Meet Lesley Christie, Account Manager

1. Who are you and what is your job title?

I'm Lesley Christie, a Key Account Manager at Killis.

2. What do you do in the company?

I look after a major FM contract within the UK.

3. What environments do you mainly work in and advise for? (for example, hospitals, schools, warehouses etc)

I work predominantly with an FM company, working across their client network, including healthcare, public organisations, major distribution centres, education, and large office environments.

4. What is the most challenging cleaning problems you have come across and how did you solve them?

Usually, my customer comes to me with their cleaning problems, which I consult and find the best solution. I tend to work with the client to demo a variety of equipment until we find the perfect solution to the problem. I educate FM on different and new innovations and how they can positively impact them.

5. What specific knowledge do you bring to customers and how does this benefit them?

I bring over 30 years of Account Management experience and pride myself on building relationships with customers and their contracts, understanding their needs and supporting them throughout the journey from pricing to purchasing to training to troubleshooting. I stand side by side with the customer to tackle any issues and challenges that arise and focus on the client's specific needs.

Although much of my knowledge sits within robotics, with more businesses focusing on sustainability growth, I also like to introduce new sustainable products to my clients, informing them how the product works, how they benefit them and finding any products that help contribute to their environmental and sustainability targets.

6. Tell me a time where your job has helped a specific customer or sector?

I have extensive knowledge of robotics, and I like to educate my contracts about autonomous cleaning and how the advancement of new technology can help benefit their team, building their confidence to accept and take on robots into their cleaning team. Proven successful in many areas, I have helped deploy many robots across my contracts network.

If you have any cleaning problems, want some advice or cleaning equipment, please contact Lesley Christie at


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