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How to Properly Clean Your Keyboard

Computers are an essential part of our lives. We either work on them, shop on them or simply scroll. The keyboard is bound to get covered in dirt and bacteria as we use them on a daily basis, be it a laptop or computer. Over time this will affect its performance.

General Cleaning

  1. Firstly, ensure the keyboard or laptop is unplugged (and turned off) so it cannot get damaged during the cleaning process.

  2. Turn the keyboard or laptop upside down and shake any loose debris. You can remove any stubborn debris with a vacuum and compressed air. You can use a soft bristle brush on laptops.

  3. Clean around the keys with a slightly moistened microfibre cloth, and cotton buds dipped into isopropyl alcohol. Please do not use too much solution as it will leave moisture on the board and may get into the keys and the mechanism.

  4. Wipe around each key as many times as needed to get it clean. Be careful when using disinfectant sprays to remove germs and bacteria. As these are used to kill bacteria, they may cause damage or irritation to the skin. Chose a lint-free cloth to ensure more debris is not introduced to the keys.

  5. Polish the keyboard once cleaning has finished. Wipe the keyboard a final time to remove any lingering dust or debris. If there is excess moisture, wait 24 hours to plug it back in.

Cleaning Inside

Warning: This does not apply to laptops. Do not place any electronic parts near water. Before you proceed, consult the manual for your keyboard.

  1. Ensure the keyboard is unplugged from the computer.

  2. Remove all keys from the keyboard using a screwdriver. Most keys are attached by clips and are easy to remove. Place to screwdriver flat under the key and lightly lift. You may need to do this on two sides.

  3. Wash all your keys in warm water to remove the debris. You can add soap to the water for stubborn debris.

  4. Next, wash the keyboard face with warm water and soap.

  5. Lightly wipe the remaining part of the keyboard (the section with the electronics) with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Avoid any excess moisture.

  6. Leave to air dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Ensure all parts are completely dry before putting back together.


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