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MotorScrubber Shock

Learn everything you need to know about setting up, using and maintaining your MotorScrubber Shock. You also have access to user manuals and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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My MotorScubber Shock is not spraying solution; what do I do?

You will need to prime the pump, as an airlock may have developed in the pumping system during transportation. Follow these steps:

  1. Put the Backpack on

  2. Fill the bottle with clean water and insert the water pipe with the filter, but leave the cap off

  3. Connect the electrical connection to the machine

  4. Disconnect the backpack water pipe from the black check valve and either direct the water back into the solution bottle or direct it to the nearest drain

  5. Hold down the blue switch until the fluid starts flowing. The pump will go through the following stages:

    1. Trapped air works through the system. High-pitch noise and drips from the head.

    2. The pump will start to take water. Pump noise deepens with weak spray.

    3. The pump is primed when there is a deep, continuous hum with good pressure to the spray.

    4. When requesting water, the start/stop of water should be instant.

The first prime can take up to two minutes to complete. Further primes will take approximately 30 seconds. This should be carried out before each use.

Watch this video for further support:

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